About us

As a dive instructor, often dive with a group, for which I am responsible. I pay attention to all the pairs of divers coming behind me. Due to the limited field of view (mask, cylinders) is a tedious task. In addition, divers are often fascinated by the underwater world stop, leave, do not keep the pattern.Sign keeping together is often ignored. It has long been thought of what to do to have eyesaround the head. Nature did not prepare us for associating with unruly partners. It was impossible to control the flow direction, at the same time to see what they do members of the group. Until…:-) On the solution I came up suddenly. Convex mirrors focus the image turned out to be an extremely good idea.

Attached to the hand can freely select the viewing direction. There is still adraw method of attachment, the radius of the mirror, and a few minor details, eg. A collar to protect the mirror from scratches and height – so as not to interfere operate flashlight or emergency grab a diver for the harness. It turned out that the objective has been achieved. Now, raising his hand, I see before me a mirror that reflects everything that is needed to safely dive.

Since the product 360OWL enjoys such a great interest, we have decided to put on the market gloves integrated with a mirror. We received gloves better than all previous models. In addition, the mirror can be easily removed for high-quality gloves They are warm and comfortable as well as unique and irreplaceable.