The advantages of the mirror during the dive.

Constant observation flowing steam or partner for us, just gently lift your hand and effortlessly control the space for us – both horizontally and vertically. Unnatural behavior immediately see whether the signal flashlight. Since the elevation of the hand is the act extremely distinctive, flowing behind us a couple / partner, seeing this, perhaps by hand or light show sign ok ‘. Convex mirror design makes no annoying rotation quickly see what’s going on behind us, and by doing small hand movements – also from the side, above and below us. This significantly increases the frequency of contact and thus the security of the underwater.

Inspection of equipment under the water, holding up his hand check the position of snakes, if nothing is tangled and whether a gas leak that has just signaled our partner really is harmless:-)

The search for a boat without tiring zadzierania head under water. Setting the appropriate hand we see the water surface in front of us and sail under the water, waiting until the outline of the hull of the boat. So, have a sore neck. Sailing on the back, for example. Back to the pontoon on the surface, we can easily control the direction, no longer nadłożymy road passing target at 50m from the side.

Jumping back into the water, we can make sure that you are certain it is safe, if one suddenly appeared behind us. Advantages mirrors appreciate divers dive deeper. In the event of a gas leak at great depths time of the V-Drill is a matter of deciding on the health or life.

With the mirror matter is trivial – each spillage in bottles or manifold localize immediately. Just see how that is leaking gas and close the valve. We do not make a full V-Drill.