The advantages of the mirror while riding a bicycle.

The most important task is to ensure the safety mirrors on public roads. Crossing the center of the roadway when turning left is associated with a significant risk, especially when we do not have mirrors mirrors, as you know, these are not outfitting standardowym.Teraz a quick look to assess the risk and take the appropriate decision. Travels through the wilderness might want to check whether colleagues are jescze us. Helmet and goggles to effectively limit the field of view. Using a mirror quickly will review whether we were not alone.

From now on, the ride will be easier with the children, the device allows you to control the behavior of children if you go behind us and that the edge of the road. ? We can evaluate a rapid glance how your child feels transported in a car seat or bike trailer. A child can see the raised arm to wave to us to indicate that everything is in order not turning a rearward to check this, we keep maximum security.