About 360observe

We are a group of divers, enthusiasts, professionals and advanced amateurs. For a long time we have wondered how to combine uninhibited diving experience and safety. As active and professional divers we aimed to create a product which would allow to control your partner or a group of divers under the water without a tiring procedure of turning around.
Since the originator is also a HSA instructor, the safety bar was raised very high.

After numerous underwater tests we have created a product appreciated for instance by DAN – the 360observe mirror.

Divers in WaterFor who?

Less experienced divers, for whom controlling the equipment is still a challenge, will learn effortlessly to take responsibility for their diving companions.

The product is dedicated to all the lovers and fans of diving, irrespective of how advanced they are. Experienced divers, without losing control over a group, will be able to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

Mirror on hand

Basic application

  • you can easily see what is going on behind you without constant turning around
  • provides more frequent contact and safety under the water
  • controlling equipment under the water – by raising you hand you can check your hoses or potential leak of gas
  • seeking for a boat without lifting up your head under the water, which often seems tiring
  • while swimming on your back, for example on your way back to the pontoon on the surface, we can easily control the direction
  • while jumping backwards to the water you can make sure that no one appeared behind you back
  • turning off the bottle under the water is easy since you see instantly where the gas comes from



  • Mirror on Hand underwatera convex mirror catches the image of an extensive area despite its compact size
  • since it is light, raising your hand will be tiring
  • attaching rubber – the easiest and the most reliable way for attaching
  • the mirror is integrated with your hand so it does not limit you from using your or your partner’s equipment
  • the edge around the mirror protects it from scratching
  • the best quality ABS plastic will not damage your equipment.


All of this makes the mirror reliable. We have been diving with the mirror hundreds times and we can guarantee that after a few dives you will appreciate its merits, and after ten dives and more you will be surprised that you even managed to dive without it before,.

Mirror underwater

The 360observe mirror that we have been using under the water for a few years:
-improves safety and comfort of diving,
-makes communication easier,
-allows for a constant and effortless control over a group.



Would you like to buy our product? Do you need more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.