Piloting the F-35 is easy for the diver



It is widely known that it is easy for a scuba diver to pilot an F-35 or other airplane.
But sometimes, especially when nitrogen narcosis “enters too deep”, you have to remember about the simplest things.
For example, opening a beer after a dive.   After not before!   The idea for this opener for pilots and divers.
He will probably handle other bottle caps  too, but of course we haven’t tried itIn general, we want the key ring to remind us of the most important moments spent with friends above and below the water.  It can be used as a car key ring, home key or heart key :-). You can also tag your equipment like this. It will look, like you took a dive between the combat flights.

The possibility of any key ring embroidery
The opener can be engraved freely

Please contact us before buying.